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TeacherWorks Explained

TeacherWorks is an online support system for IEB Information Technology and Computer Applications Technology teachers using the Exploring IT and Exploring CAT series published by Funworks. In 2023 TeacherWorks for Coding & Robotics was included based on Book 1 of the Exploring Coding & Robotics series.

TeacherWorks started in 2021 with over 30 IT teachers engaged in workshops, support sessions and sharing of ideas and challenges. This novel initiative is designed to provide valuable resources and guidance for IT, CAT and Coding & Robotics teachers who are new to the IEB, new to teaching IT or experience challenges teaching IT, CAT and Coding & Robotics. 

IT and Coding & Robotics TeacherWorks Teacherworks is facilitated by Delia Kench, an IT teacher with more than 25 years of IT teaching. She has consistently achieved a matric class average of above 80% at St Benedict’s College and Assumption Convent School. Delia has redesigned the IEB SAGs, been an IEB practical examiner, IEB portfolio moderator and currently serves as the IEB internal moderator for NSC IT. She developed the new ISC Computer Science syllabus and is the Theory examiner and Internal Moderator. She is passionate about developing IT, coding and robotics as a school subject through the support and professional development of teachers who are fundamental to the subject’s growth.

She has created a Coding & Robotics curriculum for Grade 8 and 9 based on the exisitng DBE Coding & Robotics draft curriculums. 

She has published and co-authored the Exploring IT, CAT and Coding & Robotics series of textbooks since 1996.

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