Download Delphi Files

Delphi files and instructions are below. If you have any problems setting up the Gogga files with Delphi contact Richard Bradbury at bradburyr@stmartin.co.za


The Delphi files for Gogga are in the IT zipped file

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Getting Gogga To Work

The following are a list of steps that you need to follow when setting up Gogga:

  1. Copy the IT file folder into your root directory C:\ (or any other convenient place.
  2. When Delphi is loaded onto the machine you need to go to Borland in the Program files folder and right click on the Bin folder.
  3. Select properties.
    Step 3 of Setting Up Gogga
  4. Select the Security Tab and click on the Edit button (as shown alongside).
  5. Now allow Everyone Full Control permissions by clicking in the Full control check box, and then apply and OK to exit the Properties Window.
  6. Repeat the above for the Lib folder.
  7. Now open Delphi7, Select Tools from the Menu bar and Environment options:
    Step 7 of Setting up Gogga
  8. Select the Library tab, and click on the ellipses( …) button next to the Library path text box
  9. Click on the ellipses button (…) next to the text box and browse for the IT Files folder (which you had saved earlier).
    Step 9 of Setting Up Gogga
  10. The Add button will now be accessible, click on it and you will notice that C:\IT Files would have been added to the list as above.
  11. Select OK.
  12. You are ready to start coding using Gogga.

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