Meet the Team

Delia Kench

CEO Funworks
Delia is an  IT teacher with more than 25 years of IT teaching. She has consistently achieved a matric class average of above 80% at St Benedict’s College where she worked for 25 years. Delia has redesigned the IEB SAGs, been an IEB practical examiner, IEB portfolio moderator and currently serves as the IEB internal moderator for IT. She has recently been appointed the Theory Examiner and Internal Moderator for the Computer Science offered by IEB International. She is passionate about developing IT as a school subject through the support and professional development of IT teachers who are fundamental to the subject’s growth. She has published and co-authored the Exploring IT series of textbooks since 1996. She completed the  Exploring CAT series in 2021 to expand Funworks range of textbooks.

Lyneth Crighton

Exploring CAT Author
Lyneth Crighton is a Computer Applications Technology (CAT) teacher, the Head of Innovation and Staff Development, and the Head of IT Services at Brescia House School, a private girls Catholic school (K-12) in Johannesburg, South Africa.  She is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) Fellow, Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Master Trainer, Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE), Google Certified (Level 1) and Apple Certified Teacher.

Richard Bradbury

Exploring IT Author

Richard has qualifed with an H. Dip. Ed. (Physical Sciences) (Wits) in 1989 and a Dip. Dat. (Informatics) (UNISA) in 1997. He has been a Computer Studies/IT teacher since 1990 and is currently teaching at St Martin's. He serves as a Regional Computer Studies teacher East Rand 1993 - 1996 and can program in GwBasic, TurboPascal, Visual Basic and Delphi. Richard adapted the Java Gogga class for Delphi and maintains the code for new versions of Delphi. 

Dr. Gary Blieden (Deceased)

Exploring CAT  Author
Gary Blieden BSc, BSc (Hons), PhD (Physics) was a co-author in the Exploring textbooks series and had extensive experience in teaching and materials production for CAT and IT for the past 25 years. After beginning his career at a state school he moved to private education and retired in 2021 from Curro Aurora High School. He was extremely interested and involved in the training of and teaching of technology subjects both from a student perspective as well as a teacher perspective. He was appointed Subject Specialist for CAT and IT for all Curro Schools and was extensively involved with the IEB, starting off as a marker then Examiner and finally ending as the Internal Moderator for CAT.

Lee-Anne Coker

Exploring IT Author
Lee-Anne started teaching Mathematics in 1984 after majoring in Maths and Zoology at university.  She taught at several high schools, moving each time her husband was transferred.  She started teaching Mathematics at Holy Rosary School in 1996 and picked up a Computer Science Class a few years later.  The IT bug bit and she enrolled to study Computer Science as her 2 years of Computer Science at university in the early 1980s was a bit outdated.  On completing 3 years through Unisa she took on the IT classes at Holy Rosary School and has been teaching IT at the same school for the last 21 years. She has co-authored the Exploring IT series of books together with Richard Bradbury and Delia Kench.

Julie Flanegan

CAT TeacherWorks and Assistant Editor

 Julie Flanegan, has 21 years of experience teaching Computer Studies, CAT and IT at Michaelhouse in KwaZulu-Natal. Julie developed the original IEB CAT SAGs, was appointed as the original IEB CAT Examiner and then IEB CAT Internal Moderator for six years when CAT was introduced as an NSC subject. She is dedicate to the professional development of CAT and IT teachers. She has edited the Exploring CAT Grade 12 textbook and she is currently editing the Exploring IT series of textbooks.

Julie has a passion for incorporating technology and new methodologies in her classes included blending learning, collaboration, reflection, and the use of learning management systems. She has experience in coordinating the online programme during lockdown as well as hybrid teaching. She has recently qualified with a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology at UCT.

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